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Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of California
An excerpt from Wm Cooper's site MAJESTYTWELVE
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The Knights Templar were an communist organization symbolized by the two knights riding one horse. Each initiate had to give up all wealth, property, and worldly goods to the Order. Each gave according to his ability and received according to his need. They were pledged to absolute and unquestioning obedience to their superior Knight or knights, the Grand Master, and the Order. In that respect every knight and every piece of property and all wealth was totally owned and controlled by the Order. According to MAJESTYTWELVE the Knights Templar have become the driving influence at the highest levels of all the secret societies among the adepts known as the Illuminati.

The Philosophy of the Mystery Schools is the "Luciferian Philosophy" as put forth by General (Christopher) Albert Pike, one of the founders of the KKK. But it is not his original thought... he just expounded upon it in forms that eventually became accessible to those who seek it out... like me. Before you begin slobbering that Albert Pike's name never included "Christopher" you had better look up the meaning of that name and further understand that the "Christ" of the Mysteries has absolutely nothing to do with the "Christ" of the New Testament... at least not in the manner in which it is interpreted by the Christian Church.

Watch "Star Trek" from the beginning episodes up to the present, and you will begin to realize that it was an indoctrination into the concepts of socialism through subliminal initiation of the youth of the nation. The Captains James T. Kirk (JTK = KTJ) and Christopher Pike are symbolic salutes to the Order of the Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem, and to the Brotherhoods greatest philosopher and probably its most prolific writer the "Christed" Albert Pike. The Enterprise represents their "great work".

"As nearly as I can concentrate on the question today, I believe I am God; certainly you are, I think we intelligent beings on this planet are all a piece of God, are becoming God." Gene Roddenberry in "Star Trek Creator" by David Alexander, Roc, an imprint of Dutton Signet a division of Penguin Books New York, page 568, par 1

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