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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1998
From: bikebob 
Subject: IUFO: Times of Recent "Green-flare" Leonid Meteors

Just in case any of you might be keeping track of sightings of those (normally, relatively rare) recent, fast-moving, "green-flare" Leonids' meteors -- NOT to be confused with many reports slow-moving, "low-flying" green "fireballs"! -- here's the times, etc., for the three we saw:

The smoke trails from these (above) green-flare meteor sightings lasted from a minimum of 10 minutes, to a maximum to almost 20 minutes. There was a pretty good wind blowing all night. However, the smoke trails did not break apart during their remnant display, but rather eventually dissipated, after slowy contorting in shape from straight-line to curved/convoluted.

These three were the only "green-flare" Leonid meteors (out of dozens of meteors we sighted that night at both of the above locations) that we happended to catch. A friend of mine -- who was camped out on the western flank of Taum Sauk Mtn. -- noted to me today that he also saw these same three "green-flare" meteors, along with at least three more. (He stayed awake until 4:30am to do so, though. Whereas, we "called it quits" before 3:30am.)

Description of Green Flare Leonid Meteors 1998

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998
From: bikebob 
Recent "Green-flare" Leonid Meteors

[All: A friend of mine -- whose identity I have "anonymized" for the purpose of this posting -- has posed some excellent questions, below. Thought you all might appreciate the added details, too. --Bob S.]

On Sun, 22 Nov 1998 wrote:

To: bikebob 
Subject: Fwd: Times of Recent "Green-flare" Leonid Meteors
  Glad you found it so. Each meteor sighting -- both the dozens of "regular" meteors, and the 3 "green-flare" meteor sightings -- were literally less than one-second streak sightings. The smoke trails (which were only present in the case of the 3 green-flare meteors) did last in excess of 10 minutes, minimum, each.
  All the meteors we sighted that night, without exception, were travelling in a horizontal/flat plane ... regardless of their direction. There was no angle of incline or decline, nor any sort of trajectory arc to any of the meteors we sighted. Unlike the Perseid meteor shower of a few years back (when most of the couple dozen meteors -- with a half-dozen spectacular ones! -- we sighted were streaking high in the sky/overhead), the 9 out of 10 of Leonid meteors we sighted were between 30-degrees to 60-degrees above the projected level-plane horizon.

It was an absolutely clear sky. There was no cloud layer for reference at all. No idea of altitudes. However, the green-flare meteor smoke trails did *seem* (best guess...and, only that: A guess...) to have been deposited between 5,000 to 10,000 ft. Reason why I say that is that looked about where their smoky "cloud" trail layer persisted. (Again...just a pure guess on that, though.)

Most of the meteors we saw covered about an average of 45-degrees across the sky...again, in less than a second. Most probably much less than a half a second. (Have fun doing the math. :)
  Actually, most (again, 9 out of 10) of the meteors we sighted flared -- from beginning to end -- well within our field of vision. Only one or two, at most, passed out of our field of view before exntiguishing. Most flared as they travelled...without leaving a glowing trail at all. Maybe a dozen or so (non-green-flare) ones had a longer trailing tail that disappeared briefly (maybe just after only a couple of seconds) after the meteor's passing.

One of the green-flare meteors -- the first one we sighted that evening -- left a "luminous" smoke trail. It was rather actually seemed to have an electrostatic charge. It had a soft (but, kind of slightly "sparkly") glow to it that lasted for 5 or 10 minutes, at most. That is, the glow progressively dimmed -- got relatively less intense -- during the period. That also was the longest lasting smoke trail (and, the -- apparently...presumably -- lowest in altitude) of the three green-flare meteors. It lasted for a total of almost 20 minutes.

More greenish than not, with that tinge of blue. Actually, each one of the green-flare ones were -- very briefly -- initially whiteish, then exhibited the green-flare for the bulk of their flight (about 80% of their path), with a final green flare-bloom, that was followed by what seemed to be a slight gap/blank space with a very final red flare-out. (No "sparkling" exhibited that I could tell...other than that one instance mentioned above in regard to the "luminous" smoke trail.) All the rest of the meteors we sighted that evening were white in color. None were "off"-white, or even yellow, at all.

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