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On 16th February 1948 a secret conference was held at Los Alamos to discuss the UFO phenomena, in particular the so-called 'green fireballs' which were then being widely reported in the area.

Among the scientists and military officials present were the nuclear physicist Dr Edward Teller and Dr Lincoln La Paz, an astronomer from the University of New Mexico whose expert opinion was called on throughout the conference.

La Paz was absolutely convinced that the green fireballs were not conventional fireballs or meteorites, and described his own sighting on 12th December 1948:

Various secret documents have been uncovered through the FOIA which state that the subject of 'green fireballs' , "relate to the National Defense of the United States" and "are considered top secret by Intelligence Officers of both the Army and Air Forces".

The study of the green fireballs was put under investigation of "Project Twinkle".

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998
From: Andy Page

The following is from Appendix A, to a draft document: "REPORT BY THE DIRECTOR OF INTELLIGENCE, USAF to the JOINT INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE on UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL OBJECTS," ca. 20 April 1949, page 6, item 15:

"15. On 8 April 1949 the repeated occurrence of green fireball phenomena in New Mexico was discussed with Dr. Joseph Kaplan, member of the USAF Scientific Advisory Board. This phenomenon has casued considerable concern on the part of Hq. Fourth Army and has occupied the interests of Dr. Lincoln LaPaz of the University of New Mexico. Dr. LaPaz believes that the phenomena are not meteorites. Because of Dr. LaPaz's outstanding ability for accurate observation and his experience in identification of meteoritic phenomena, Dr. Kaplan expressed the belief that the greenfire phenomena should be further investigated. Dr. Kaplan's views and this phenomena were discussed on 12 April 1948 [1949?] with Dr. Theodore von Karman, Chairman, USAF Scientific Advisory Board, who feels that the problem is more properly in the field of upper atmosphere research than the field of intelligence." From: National Archives II, Record Group 341, Entry 214A, USAF Deputy Chief of Staff Operations--Directorate of Intelligence, Top Secret Control & Cable Section General Files July 1945- December 1954, Boxes 40-45 [I did not write down the box number, but the document is easily found by the TS Control #] TOP SECRET Control #2-7051A.

The following was in the Project Sign, Albuquerque, New Mexico 5 December 1948, Incident 223 file on roll #7 of the Project Sign microfilms. It is probably also on the Project Blue Bookmicrofilms. "EXTRACTS FROM LETTER TO DR. H. E. LANDSBERG, ECECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE RDB COMMITTEE ON GEOPHYSICS AND GEOGRAPHY FROM DR. LINCOLN LAPAZ, DIRECTOR OF THE INSTITUTE OF METEORITICS, UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO, December 28, 1948, Attching Appended Material

"'Since December 4 I have been working almost continuously day and night on certain anomalous fireball phenomena of which a detailed account is given in the accompanying confidential enclosures. No doubt you are familiar with these incidents since I brought your name into the picture in my first report to the O. S. I. of the U. S. A. F.

"'These incidents are not in the same category as the rather fanastic ones described by Norman G. Markham and certain inhabitants of Norton County, Kansas. Authorities here are deeply concerned. Perhaps you have knowledge of defensive training meaneuvers that would explain the observed concentration of incidents in certain highly important areas. "'Additional observations by 6 more AEC Security Service Guards make incidents referred tolook very serious. Please give this matter careful attention. I am sure two best observed incidents are not meteoric."

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