Rumors of Freemason Illuminated Conspiracy
& Floor of Denver Airport
Floor of DIA Decoded
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Cochetopa: Places in Colorado - creek, pass, DIA, Denver Airport, Concentration Camps & Denver Airport, Denver International Airport Conspiracy , Denver Airport Floor, Deciphered, Navaho, words on DIA, illuminated conspiracy, denver airport, denver floor

Cochetopa: Places in Colorado. A mountain pass, hills,and a  creek are named Cochetopa. There is also a Cochetopa Park.

SISNAAJINI: Navaho term for the mountain calledMount Blanca in Colorado - denver international airport artwork conspiracy

SISNAAJINI: Navaho term for the mountain called Mount Blanca in Colorado. It is one of the four sacred mountains of the Navaho, one of the four pillars.

MT BLANCA: This mountain is referred to bythe Navaho word SISNAAJINI

MT BLANCA: This mountain is referred to by the Navaho term above. This makes one wonder why the DIA has two references to it in their symbol laden floor.

Braaksma Villarreal - two last names of some dudes

Braaksma: This is the last name of a fellow known for deciphering extremely high prime numbers. Perhaps more significantly it is the last name of a developer who specializes in such things as AIRPORTS, although he seems to know nothing about this.

Villarreal: This is a common last name, and the only sinister reference
I could come up with is to the family names in the obituary of a CONSTRUCTION WORKER who died at the age of 33. There is also the author
of "The Fifth Horseman", Jose Villarreal, who has taught at the university of Colorado. He has written an article on Chicano art, which might link him to DIA mural artist Leo Tanguma.

Mr. Villarreal became well known for his book Pocho, which was first published in 1959, and is considered landmark in Mexican American literature. He is the author of short stories, articles, poems, and books. He is involved in teaching, and has held appointments in the English Departments of the University of Colorado, Boulder; the University of Texas, El Paso; and the University of Santa Clara. Mr. Villarreal has also held positions as an editor and translator.
UPDATE:  artists: Carolyn Braaksma and Mark Villarreal
PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The floor designs located in the four subcores of
Concourse B were inspired by the geologic and geographic uniqueness of
Colorado. These designs feature broad patterns of colored terrazzo accented
by stone tile, precast concrete, and cast bronze inlays. The terrazzo
patterns are derived from fossil shapes found in Colorado. Tile shapes, made
from polished precast concrete, are actual representations of these fossil
images. The cast bronze embeds are selectively located and depict more
fossils, including those found at the DIA site; as well as dinosaurs, Native
American symbols, and names of unique areas of Colorado.

ARTISTS BIOS: Carolyn Braaksma earned a BA at Metropolitan State College in
Denver in 1990. She exhibits nationally and has completed several site
specific commissions throughout Denver and Colorado. Her recent work is
primarily composed of cast concrete and cast bronze.

Mark Villarreal earned a BFA at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1982 and has
been an exhibiting abstract painter in Colorado since 1983.

dzit dit gaii dzit dit igai

This phrase is what many conspiracy theorists, including myself, had thought was some kind of evil illuminated mantra. But if you note that the floor of the Denver Airport is adorned with the words SISNAAJINI & MT BLANCA,
both referring to the same specific "white mountain", you should not be surprised that "dzit dit gaii" refers to this as well. Not only is sisnaajini the Navaho word for a specific "white mountain", but the word "dzit" is Navaho for mountain, and "gaii" is Navaho for white. I could not find what "dit" means, but
the phrase refers again to "white mountain".

Here are some pages demonstrating that "dzit" is Navaho for mountain:

Here is a page linking "gaii" to white:


Art Bell once went on a tour of the Denver Airport. He claims he asked his tour guide about mysterious happenings at the DIA, and his guide responded that most of the rumors were true.

If there is some meaning to the symbolism of the floors of the Denver Airport, I think it lies in the Navaho accounts of the Anasazi. I wonder what is significant about "white mountain"?

You know, there is mention of White Mountain in connection with Phoenix, and some sort of emergency evacuation... um... white mountain, anasazi, emergency evacuation

See how easy it is to get carried away? Did I mention that an Anasazi petrograph records a supernova [now the crab nebula] , and a scary comet?

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