Northwest Grizzly Base High Adventure

In 2003 there will 2 sessions of Webelos Camp July 27-30
and July 30-Aug. 2

Glacier County Wilderness Adventure

Grizzly Base is more than just a camp, it's a gateway to unlimited outdoor adventure in northwest Montana. Within a 75 mile radius of camp you'llfind the Flathead and Lolo National Forests, Bob Marshall Wilderness andMission Mountain Wilderness areas, Glacier National Park, "Wild and Scenic"rivers, Flathead Lake and Hungry Horse Reservoir. If that's not enoughtry on the Columbia Falls Water Slides or a White Water Raft Trip or avisit to the Museum of the Plains Indians on the Blackfoot Indian Reservation.Grizzly Base is your place to star and adventrue in the Big Sky Country.The camp is located on Montana HWY 35, 18 miles South of Columbia Falls.

You should have mastered the "basics" before you plan to experienceGrizzly Base. Once you've planned your trip, whether it's into a nationalforest, wilderness area, canoeing or river raft expedition we will be youbase of operations. Many of the opportunities around Grizzly Base are providedby private companies like the rafting or water slides, and we'll help makethose reservations whin your itinerary is planned. Your itinerary shouldbe planned at home before you arrive in camp. All off-camp use of privatecompany services are at an additional cost. Expeditions into national forestor wilderness areas have no additional fees.

Camping concept at Grizzly Base has been compared to a Boy Scout Bedand Breakfast. You can plan day adventures and return to camp at nightor just use the camp as a stepping off point and be out for several daysor any combinationa of both, we're flexible and will help build a planto meet your needs. You provide your own food and equipment, we providea staging area equiped with showers and a place to pitch your tent. Thecouncil will assist in all details in planning your trip and provide importanainstruction, but will not accompany you on the trail. Maximum group sizeis 12 total, including the mandatory two-deep adult leadership policy ofthe B.S.A. If your unit has more than 12 planning to hit the trail youmust travel and camp as two groups, each must have at least two adult leaders.

If you decide to attend Grizzly Base, you should be physically fit,have proper clothing and equipment, be willing to follow instructions andwork as a team with your unit.  Grizzly Base is not risk-free andyou will need to follow safety instructions carefully, follow directionsand take appropriate steps to safeguard yourself and others.

Parents, guardians and participants in Grizzly Base programs are advised that one's stay at camp can involve exposure to accident, illness, and/or injury associated with a wilderness environment.

Wild animals such as grizzly bears, black bears, mountain lions andwolves are native and usually present little danger if proper precautionsare taken. Please refer to advisor materials or call the Montana CouncilService Center for further information concerning risks and measures whichcan be taken to avoid accidents.

DATES: Call for more information (406)761-6000

Webelos Session 1: July 27-30
Webelos Session 2: July 30-Aug.2
Fees for resident camp 2002
Youth:$100 per Scout with a$10 discount if paid by May 1st
Adult: $45

DOES NOT INCLUDE FEES FOR PRIVATE PROVIDERS OF SERVICES, i.e., raft trips, water slides,horseback riding, van rental, etc.

Specific Grizzly Base Adventures

BACKPACK into adjoining national forest or wilderness areas..

WHITEWATER RAFTING on the north or middle fork of the Flathead River (Private Company). Trips range form 1/2 day to 3 days. Prices range for a 1/2 day trip from $18- $30, up to $150 for three days.

GLACIER NATIONAL PARK Take self-guided day trips into Glacier. Either tour in your car or planday hikes. Overnight backcountry camping is by permit only and campsitesare difficult to get.

COLUMBIA FALLS WATERSLIDES Montana's largest waterslide park that offers a variety of different water slides. A great way to cool off after a backpack trip.

MUSEUM OF THE PLAINS INDIANS The museum is located on the east side of Glacier National Park in townof miles Browning, about 75 miles for Grizzly Base. This would make a greatday trip through the park and back.

NATIONAL BISON RANGE TheBison Range is near the town of Moiese, about 70 miles southwest of Grizzly Base. You can tour the museum and interpretive center and observe buffalo, deer, elk, antelope and other wildlife. Overnight camping is availableat the Bison Range.

FISHING Fish either on the lake at Grizzly Base or any of the area lakes, rivers orstreams. You'll find rainbow, brook, brown and cut throat trout along withsome northern pike and sockeye salmon. Montana resident or nonresidentfishing permits are required.

HORSEBACK RIDING Thereare several private stables around Grizzly Base that offer opportunities from hour-long to overnight rides. Fees vary depending upon duration ofride.

CHECK IN DATES AVAILABLE: June 17-August 17, plan itinery and begin the adventure the next day. Stay for up to 10 days. Leave the morning after you return to camp. Check-inand departure day count as one day.


STAFF SERVICES: A Wilderness Captain will assist in itinerary planning and instruct onvarious backcountry subjects, Captains will not accompany you on the trail.

CAMP SERVICE: Grizzly Base will provide each unit with a campsite and showers. No vehicle shuttle service available for off camp adventures. Large gourps planningtours should either bring their own bus or van or plan to rent vehiclesform private rental companies. Northwest Grizzly Base does not offer vanor bus service.